[Career Coach 101] The business case for learning job search skills!

Many service providers offer the apparent convenience of developing the Resume, Cover Letter and other job search tools for people in transition. In other words, you outsource without learning the techniques. However convenient this may sound, it will actually work against you. There is a strong business case for learning job search skills. In the new workplace normal, there is a high probability you will soon be in another transition. Therefore, it is a better strategy to learn job search skills and take ownership of the job search process.

The Statistics

Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that Baby Boomers will have an average of 11.9 jobs in their careers. Many boomers have been forced from their jobs in corporate downsizing/restructuring initiatives.

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Gen X and Gen Y tend to change jobs every three to five years. Similarly they are inclined to be free agents and distrust corporate motives.

And Millenials are job-hopping more than previous generations. Likewise they will change jobs an average of four times in their first decade out of college.

These statistics point to a high probability that you will have several job changes in your career. Given this new reality it makes a lot of sense to learn job search skills. These skills will become another tool in your toolbox. They will make you effective in job or career changes throughout your professional life.

Job Search Skills

Job search skills fall in three main categories:

1 – Personal Branding

  • Employers don’t have time to thoroughly read your resume and figure you out
  • What is your 30 Second commercial to communicate who you are as a professional?

2 – Marketing Tools

  • Develop state-of-the-art Resume and Cover Letter
  • Optimize and leverage professional Social Media (LinkedIn®)

3 – Connect With Employers

  • Develop Networking skills and grow your network
  • Maximize Interviewing opportunities

In Summary

You certainly want to ensure your professional future. In your next transition will you depend on somebody else for success by outsourcing and not learning the techniques? In contrast, will you take ownership and, as a result, take control of the job search process and your success?

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