[Career Coach 101] Networking: Are you a social vegan and don’t like meet?


In terms of networking, are you a social vegan and don’t like meet? If you are, your job search or career transition will be more difficult. And it will take longer. According to NPR a successful job search is all about networking. Most people still hunt for jobs primarily by looking for positions posted online. But the personal connection is especially important now. With so many people applying for jobs, it’s hard to get noticed. Recruiters and hiring managers also want to know: who am I bringing into the organization?

What is networking?

Merriam Webster defines networking as the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. And it remains the number one cause of job attainment. Networking is  a great way for you to meet others and get them to know you. People prefer to hire or do business with people they know. 

tips for networking

If you are an established professional you already know how to network. Take your networking efforts to the next level and focus on building long term relationships. Get your message out to the people you know. Most importantly, connect with people you don’t know and build those new relationships.

If you are a student you should make networking part of your professional routine. Start networking for jobs by participating in networking meetings through these 5 key communities:

  • Family and friends
  • Professors and advisers
  • School’s Alumni Network
  • Past activities, internships and jobs
  • Networking events in your area
Behavioral challenges

Networking can be a challenge for introverts. It  can be difficult for introverts to start a conversation with somebody they don’t know. But networking can also be a challenge for extroverts. It can be difficult for them to let others drive the conversation. To overcome your particular challenges you should get a better understanding of yourself.  Then you can modulate your behaviors to be more socially appealing and effective in your networking efforts.

Your Marketing Pitch

The job search is a marketing pitch. To be effective you need to market your skills and experience. Networking is a great vehicle to deliver your marketing message to a greater number of people. Meeting and communicating with new people allows you to cast a broader net for your job search or career transition.

accelerate your job search

If in terms of networking, you are a social vegan and don’t like meet, start turning that around. Networking will probably be awkward at the beginning. But you will get better with time and practice. And you will accelerate your job search!

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