My career transition...

From IT Manager to Career Coach!
For many years I worked in Information Technology. I was an IT Manager in a global corporation. As you can imagine, life was pretty good. Until my job was outsourced and I was forced into a confusing transition! I know how complicated, and frustrating, this process can be.
My going forward decision was to pursue other professional interests and I am now working with professionals, like you, coaching them through their transition.

Managing Your Job Search!

A Skillset for the 21st. Century!

How Career Coaching Can Benefit You...

Learn lifelong career skills!
Invest in yourself and your future!
Build confidence!
Prepare for any transition!
Manage your career!
Reinvent Yourself!

Managing Your Job Search...

A Skill Set For the 21st Century!
More than a handbook, this is a comprehensive repeatable process which you can apply for any transition. Whether you are entry level, mid career, or late career, you can learn and apply the tools in this method to land the new opportunity you are looking for!
Learn all the tools you need: Personal Branding, Professional Resume and Cover Letter, Optimizing LinkedIn®, Leveraging Networking, Optimizing Interviewing!
Invest in Yourself and ensure your professional future!

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